assorted cupcakes


Delicious food is so important. It can bring family and friends together, make a hard day better or muster up fond memories from your childhood. Everyone deserves delicious food. Food is an experience.
There is always a sense of excitement when I find a dessert that is so beautiful and the ingredients sound amazing. The anticipation of the first bite only to feel that pang of disappointment when the flavor is lacking or the texture is off. I grew tired of the disappointment and created The Post Office House Bakery.
It all started with a family favorite. A fudgy, gooey, dense brownie. When I created the recipe it took me back to familiar flavors of my childhood and after all these years it is still such a favorite. When I bake something, it is with intent. I want you to feel the rush of taking a bite and forgetting everything else except what you are tasting. I want the layers of flavor to unfold and for the anticipation of any disappointment to vanish in seconds. My happiness comes from feeding people classic, delicious recipes and I hope you find some little piece of joy in eating my creations.
Welcome to The Post Office House Bakery!